Circumventing Censorship

As Internet censorship continues in countries such as China and Burma, efforts to circumvent it are growing more sophisticated. (See “Burma’s Internet Crackdown.”) Researchers at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto are adding new capabilities to one such project, called Psiphon, in hopes of expanding its reach in censored countries. From TechnologyReview

Egypt's YouTube Democrats

Despite adversity, oppression, and with lessened support from the US government, Arab Middle East democracy supporters have gone online to voice concern. WashingtonPost

Groups ask FTC chief to recuse self in Google deal

The FTC is considering the merger of Google and DoubleClick to determine if it violates antitrust standards. Privacy groups have also expressed concern about the deal because of the data the companies store on computer users’ Internet searches. From Reuters

Russian delegation takes part in UN-sponsored Internet Governance Forum

The city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) hosted the second session of the UN-sponsored Internet Governance Forum on November 12-15, 2007. The Forum was attended by an interdepartmental delegation of the Russian Federation under the supervision of acting Director of Department for Information-Society Building Strategy of Russia’s IT and Communications Ministry V.M. Vasilyev. From SKRIN