When internet censorship goes too far

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF – www.iwf.org.uk) was set up as a kind of internet police officer, a place where people could go to report illegal content they found online. Its main focus is child pornography. From Belfast Telegraph

The great firewall

After a thaw during the Olympics, China’s reimposition of censorship on websites run by the BBC and other news organisations is a matter of international concern. The relaxation may have been an opportunistic response to the protests of western journalists, never intended as a permanent change. From The Guardian

New York Times site still blocked in China

HONG KONG: The Chinese authorities continued blocking access from mainland China to the Web site of The New York Times over the weekend despite having lifted some of the restrictions they recently imposed on the Web sites of other media. From International Herald Tribune

Aussie ISPs refuse to join government's filtering test

The Australian government’s plan to censor the entire Internet hit another major snag this week after two of the country’s largest ISPs, Telstra and InterNode, announced they would not participate in the government’s proposed filtering tests. Many of the ISPs in Australia, in fact, are either refusing to join the test, joining it only to… Read more »

Aussie protests over Great Firewall

Hundreds of Aussies turned out to protest against government plans to filter web content. The anti-censorship movement Digital Liberty Coalition (DLC) organised demonstrations on Saturday in seven cities including Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. From The Register

Free Broadband Plan Stirs Debate on Filtering

WASHINGTON — M2Z Networks’ proposal to build a free wireless broadband network is not the only controversial part of its business plan. Just as contentious is its intention to filter the content delivered over that network to block any material deemed inappropriate for children. From Washington Post

China 'bans BBC Chinese website'

China appears to have banned a number of foreign websites, including the BBC’s Chinese language news site and Voice of America in Chinese. The sites had been unblocked after journalists attending the Beijing Olympics complained that the government was censoring sites deemed sensitive. From BBC

Radio Canada International Masala Canada

Prof Deibert recently did a radio interview with Radio Canada International’s “MASALA CANADA with Wojtek Gwiazda.” Wojtek sent us an MP3 of the interview, which can be accessed here. In the interview, Deibert discusses with Gwiazda the Citizen Lab, the OpenNet Initiative, and the ONI Asia project, supported by IDRC Canada. Radio Canada International’s Masala… Read more »