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Indian intelligence officers started importing 927 IMSI catchers in 2005

Source: Outlook India

Days after Outlook’s expose on illegal phone-tapping, a few senior intelligence officials agreed to speak to us on how the tapping raj actually works. These sleuths had maintained silence so far, fearing the government would act against them for speaking out. Now, in an exclusive interaction with Outlook, stretching over several hours and sessions, they have come forward with revelations both shocking and frightening. They confirm that cellphones of top political leaders, ministers, VIPs, bureaucrats, businessmen and ordinary citizens were tapped without written authorisation from the Union home secretary, as mandated by law. They also shared details of how the illegal tapping actually takes place and how NTRO functions. The whistle-blowers even offered to depose before a joint parliamentary committee and provide documentary evidence. The one condition they insist on: that they be provided complete legal immunity. Excerpts from the interactions:

What was your reaction to the Outlook expose?

We were actually surprised that your magazine has come so close to the truth with so many verifiable facts. There may be a mistake or two in the details. But illegal tapping is a reality.

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