“The traditional notions of privacy and anonymity – and even the revamped versions that arose with the Web two decades ago – are dying. If you think the long-form census is pushy for asking you how many bedrooms are in your house, imagine someone knowing the exact colour of the IKEA sheets you’re thinking of buying for your bed.

Indeed, a variety of players – including state security agencies to Internet marketers to organized-crime circles – are creating an online world in which the very concept of anonymity has basically vanished. “There is this pressure bearing down on anonymity with the coming securitization of the Internet,” says Mr. Deibert, the director of the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto.

Privacy legislation in many countries was never tailored for the Internet age. As such, a host of nations – including Canada – are rethinking the very concept, and how to protect it in a world where personal information is becoming a form of currency.”

From The Globe and Mail