Cyber espionage is not solely in the interest of national military security. As the Globe and Mail’s Peter Apps writes, there is an increasing trend of state-based cyber espionage for commercial interests. Security experts say that many Western enterprises have experienced economic shortfall as a result of electronic surveillance conducted by states seeking to bolster the profit of their nationally-aligned corporations. The article points the finger at developing nations with rapidly emerging economies: such as Russia and China.

But it’s not the first time that states have interfered with the affairs of companies outside of their own jurisdiction. In the realm of cyber espionage, states have involved themselves in the affairs of foreign companies for some time. Examples include allegations of China’s involvement in cyber attacks against Google Inc., and India’s request to Canadian-owned Research in Motion to encrypt the Blackberry. Though the work does not feature any input or research from the Citizen Lab, it includes a photograph of Citizen Lab staff.

From The Globe and Mail