“Sitting in a coffee shop at the Council of Europe, Elnur Majidli proudly shows off on his netbook the Facebook groups that started the rare public protests in Azerbaijan on 11 March — “the Great People’s Day” — and are now being used to organize further protests. Tens of thousands of Azerbaijani citizens are members of the groups that Elnur administers, which has led the Ministry of Security to set-up a special Facebook team to monitor web activists.

Elnur himself has now received notification he is to be prosecuted for “inciting national, ethnic or religious hatred” under article 283.1 of the criminal code for his Facebook activity. As he lives in Strasbourg, the Serious Crimes Investigation Department notified his father of the investigation. Elnur is now in exile — if he returns to Azerbaijan he could face up to 12 years in prison.”

From Index on Censorship