This week the G8’s French presidency hosted the first e-G8 summit which brought digital leaders to the table with the G8 leaders where they discussed the future of the Web (see last week’s IWM blogpost where we laid out civil society concerns leading up to the summit). Plenary topics included “The Internet & Economic Growth,” “The Internet & Society,” “Future Net: What’s Next?” and “Intellectual Property and the Culture Economy in the Digital Age,” Fostering Innovation:How to build the future,” and “Digital Transformation: Reinventing traditional businesses,” followed by a number of workshops.

The e-G8 can be summarized by intra-government differences, intra-industry differences, and deep divisions between governments and industry. This is reflected in the final G8 Deauville communiquewhere as Reuters points out—the section on the Internet failed to produce any specific and concrete proposals for policies.