Source: Renai LeMay, Technology Specatator

The National Broadband Network Company late yesterday confirmed it wouldn’t be implementing the limited filtering scheme being implemented by other Australian telcos, noting that the national network it was constructing was incompatible with the type of technology being used in the filter.

Along with Telstra, Optus has pledged to implement a voluntary filtering framework developed by the ISP industry’s peak representative body, the Internet Industry Association. The filter, which is being seen as a more moderate industry approach developed in reaction to the Federal Government’s much more comprehensive filter scheme, will see the ISPs block a “worst of the worst” list of child pornography sites generated by international police agency Interpol.

However, a NBN Co spokesperson said late yesterday that its network wasn’t compatible with the filter as the filtering took place at a different network layer. “NBN Co is building a layer 2 open access network moving bits of data from a premises to a Point of Interconnect,” the spokesperson said. “Any internet filtering would need to be implemented at Layer 3.”

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