The Google Policy Fellowship was inspired by Google’s Summer of Code with a public policy twist. The Google Policy Fellowship program offers undergraduate, graduate, and law students interested in Internet and technology policy the opportunity to spend the summer contributing to the public dialogue on these issues, and exploring future academic and professional interests.

The Citizen Lab is proud to participate in the fellowship for the fifth time. Each year we tailor the Google Policy Fellowship to the individual fellow to match his / her interests and strengths with current projects at the Citizen Lab.

In general we encourage applicants to apply who are interested in two broad areas (or combinations of the two):

*Legal and Policy Research: Evaluation of laws, policies, and norms related to Internet censorship and surveillance.

*Technical Research: Empirically document technologies and technical practices behind Internet censorship and surveillance. This area can include: research and development of software tools, censorship and surveillance testing, data analysis, and visualization.

Students from all majors and degree programs are encouraged to apply. Applications are due by March 15 2013 (midnight pacific time). Full details on the fellowship and application process are available on the Google Policy Fellowship website.