Just When we Thought Cyberwar wasn't hyped enough….

This article from Wired news by the ever entertaining Bruce Sterling outlines the roles the various agencies of the US govenment will play in maintaining internet security. – From Wired News: Issue 11.01 – January 2003

Free speech win for Canadians

A US Federal judge has ruled against a law that punished inmates in Arizona if information about their cases appeared on the Internet after the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty challenged the law in court. Corrections officials searched the Internet for information about prisoners and threatened them with legal penalties if the content was… Read more »

Canada opposes Missile Defence System, Globe and Mail

Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham “draws the big red line” at the weaponization of space. One wonders how long this type of principled opposition could be sustained in the face of US pressure? If Denmark rejects the placement of missile bases in Greenland territory, the pressure on Canada will increase enormously. (Although it’s unlikely the… Read more »