Announcement: the Global Network Initiative Monitor

We are pleased to announce a new project this summer in the Citizen Lab, called the “Global Network Initiative Monitor” or “GNI Monitor” for short. The project’s mission statement can be downloaded here The project will combine technical and contextual research methods to measure compliance of both participants and non-participants to the GNI principles, as… Read more »

New Zealand set to join internet blocking club

New Zealand is preparing to join the list of internet blockers. From last week, New Zealanders who want to know what is in store for them can access a useful new online resource – “the Compleat Thomas Beagle” – which includes a FAQ providing in-depth coverage of political and technological issues involved. From The Register

Wikileaks: Italian Secret Internet Censorship List, 287 Site Subset, 21 Jun 2009

This list presents 287 internet sites currently censored by Italy. This quasi-voluntary system, which was introduced under the banner of fighting “child pornography” relies on a secret, unaccountable list of site names. Because of this lack of transparency, and the power of the censorship system, the blacklist is of intense interest. From CyberLaw Blog

Control, halt, delete

This week, an open letter appeared on Chinese blogs and online bulletin boards. “Hello, internet censorship institutions of the Chinese government,” it said. “We are the anonymous netizens. We hereby decide that from July 1 2009, we will start a full-scale global attack on all censorship systems you control.” From FT

Ottawa needs a strategy for cyberwar

Ronald Deibert and Rafal Rohozinski Recently, the Canadian envoy to Iran was called in and admonished by Iranian officials for contributing to the destabilitization of the regime because of support for social networking tools, like Twitter and Facebook. The envoy must have scratched his head in puzzlement. National Post Comment Read more here

ONI Asia Press Conference

ONI Asia will hold a live press conference at 10.00 MST (UTC+8) and release reports on Internet censorship in China and across Asia. Watch the conference here

Twitter's Activist Initiation

By accommodating Iranian dissidents the microblogging site has gone from allowing political activity, to courting it. As Twitter’s popularity has grown, its users in oppressive foreign regimes have slowly realized the power of the simple microblogging service for organizing political dissent. On Monday, for the first time, Twitter’s administrators seem to have acknowledged that power… Read more »