Chinese academic wins censorship case

A CHINESE academic has successfully sued an internet company for closing his website after he posted articles on subjects including corruption and environmental issues. From Irish Times

Internet censorship coming to India?

India seems to be following China’s footsteps with a recent proposal to censor the internet space. This proposal comes on the heels of the recent proposal by government to censor news channels during emergency situations that eventually failed to come into effect. Though, the TV censorship was to be initiated only during emergency, the internet… Read more »

Thai Gaming Sites Ordered Shut Down After Suicide

“Seventy-two websites have been ordered shut down by the courts in Thailand following the suicide of a 12-year-old boy who jumped from the sixth story of his school after his father banned him from playing computer games. From Slashdot

Report: Iran blocks Facebook ahead of presidential election

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — The Iranian government has blocked access to the social networking site Facebook amid political jockeying for the June 12 presidential elections, according to the semi-official Iranian Labour News Agency. From CNN

Next up for France: police keyloggers and Web censorship

The French government, fresh from passing its controversial “three strikes” law to boot repeat file-sharers off the Internet, is now prepping its next assault on online malfeasance. A new bill would legalize government keyloggers, institute ISP censorship of child porn sites, and set up a massive citizen database called Pericles. From ars technica

Germany shuts down Wikileaks

THE IDEA that whistleblowers exposing Australia’s great rabbit-proof fence of Internet censorship might be okay if they publish their results overseas has been dealt a blow. German coppers have raided the offices of Wikileaks.de and transferred the control of the domain to government authorities. The raid was triggered by WikiLeaks’ publication of Australia’s proposed secret… Read more »