Lidija Sabados


Google lets users block websites from anywhere

Source: Search Engine Watch

Signed in Google users around the world can now help Google figure out which sites aren’t helpful or useful. When users block a site, Google now incorporates this data into the periodic Panda updates to better highlight “high quality” content.

Russia calls for greater control over social networks

Source: RT

Russia’s prosecutor general, Yury Chaika, has called for social networks to be monitored by the state to prevent London-style uprisings. Such measures, Chaika said, will help prevent serious threats to public security.

Post mortem on the Iranian DigiNotar attack

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation

More facts have recently come to light about the compromise of the DigiNotar Certificate Authority, which appears to have enabled Iranian hackers to launch successful man-in-the-middle attacks against hundreds of thousands of Internet users inside and outside of Iran.

Libya’s surveillance system profiled

Source: OWNI

The French company Amesys, who sold surveillance technologies to Gaddafi’s Libya, is trying to minimize the efficacy of its products. However, OWNI consulted documents showing the extent of these systems.