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All the propaganda that’s fit to print

Source: Newsweek

For decades Xinhua has been an unavoidable presence in China. It has a monopoly on official news and the regulatory power to complicate life for other media outfits. But as China has grown in wealth and international stature, Beijing has tired of feeling overlooked or maligned by the Western press. So Xinhua’s role has been redefined, as a means for China to wield soft power abroad.

Amesys clarifies contracts and sales of products to Libya

Source: Amesys

Given that a great deal of erroneous and false information has recently appeared in the media, Amesys wishes to make the following clarifications. Amesys signed a contract with the Libyan authorities in 2007. The relevant hardware was delivered in 2008. The contract was related to the making available of analysis hardware concerning a small fraction of the Internet lines installed at that time (a few thousand).

U.S. companies helping censor the Arab web

Source: The Atlantic

While the U.S. State Department spends millions of dollars helping people in the Middle East circumvent Web censorship, a handful of California companies are providing autocratic Middle East regimes with the technology to censor the Web, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Chinese Whispers on ABC News

Nart Villeneuve and Ron Deibert are interviewed in a video regarding “the tensions now involved in doing business with China.”