UN slated for stifling net debate

The UN has been criticised for stifling debate about net censorship after it disrupted a meeting of free-speech advocates in Egypt. From BBC News UN slated for stifling net debate By Jonathan Fildes Technology reporter, BBC News The UN has been criticised for stifling debate about net censorship after it disrupted a meeting of free-speech… Read more »

Citizen Lab’s Ron Deibert interviewed at Internet Governance Forum

Internet Governance Forum, November 2009, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Video interview found here “Ronald Deibert, Professor and Director, The Citizen Lab, Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto, Canada. Keynote speech: ‘Beyond Denial: Introducing the Next Generation of Internet Controls’ Author: Seiiti Arata”

The Citizen Lab proudly signs the Madrid Declaration

Affirming that privacy is a fundamental human right set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and other human rights instruments and national constitutions; […] From The Public Voice Global Privacy Standards for a Global World The Madrid Privacy Declaration 3 November 2009 Affirming that privacy… Read more »

Access: Mobilizing Global Internet Freedom

Born out of the aftermath of the 2009 Iranian election, Access provides innovative, crowd-sourced tech tools to help reutrn the political process to the people. Found at

Adventures in Russian Malware

I just posted an analysis of a pcap file from a political figure. While I expected to find targeted malware tat was possibly associated with political activities, I found a bunch of Russian/Ukrainian malware. What I found interesting, and which seems to match what key security community folks are seeing (here and here), is a… Read more »

Internet censorship liable to WTO challenge – study

GENEVA (Reuters) – Censorship of the Internet is open to challenge at the World Trade Organisation as it can restrict trade in services delivered online, a forthcoming study says. From Reuters Wed Nov 4, 2009 5:49pm IST By Jonathan Lynn GENEVA (Reuters) – Censorship of the Internet is open to challenge at the World Trade… Read more »

Malware: enemy of the state

The British government wants to stop filesharing to protect copyright owners, but shows no similar enthusiasm for protecting the general public from malware, which is arguably more important to us – and perhaps to the nation. After all, what happens to e-commerce if people don’t feel secure enough to buy things, do their banking or… Read more »

Eye Opener: The cybersecurity debate intensifies

Congressional debate over how the government should ward off future cybersecurity attacks continues Monday, as a leading Republican lawmaker will propose giving the Homeland Security Department the lead on the government’s efforts to combat dangerous, expensive computer attacks. From The Washington Post Happy Monday! (Unless you’re the New York Giants.) Congressional debate over how the… Read more »

Introducing Threatened Voices

As activists and ordinary citizens have increasingly made use of the internet to express their opinions and connect with others, many governments have also increased surveillance, filtering, legal actions and harassment. The harshest consequence for many has been the politically motivated arrest of bloggers and online writers for their online and/or offline activities, in some… Read more »

Smarter sleuthing can save our online privacy (Globe and Mail)

In a time when every person’s digital life is now turned inside out and electronically dispersed and disaggregated, does it really make sense to think solutions lie in adding to that flood? Law enforcement and intelligence don’t need to sidestep court protections and civil liberties to meet the challenges of cyber crime – they need… Read more »