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Iran: Verification of Reported Banned Websites

As part of its ongoing research into Internet censorship and surveillance worldwide, including in Iran, the ONI connected to remote computers in Iran and tested the RSF list and the blacklist obtained by We found that Iran is indeed engaged in extensive Internet content filtering beyond just pornography, including many political, religious, social, and… Read more »

Civisphere Weblog Community

The Civisphere Weblog Community, otherwise known as Civiblog, provides a forum for Canadians working within global civil society to share their experiences, resources and keep connected with family and friends. Here you will find dozens of daily updated diaries of Canadians working for human rights, development, and humanitarian organizations from all corners of the globe…. Read more »

OpenNet Initiative Advisory 001

Unintended Risks and Consequences of Circumvention Technologies: The IBB’s Anonymizer Service in Iran In September 2003, the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) sponsored the launch of a service through Anonymizer, Inc., designed to allow Iranian Internet users to bypass much of Iran’s national filtering regime. However, filters built in to the IBB Anonymizer service, intended… Read more »

OpenNet Initiative Release for Wide Circulation

University Researchers Join to Expose and Map Net Censorship, Surveillance Cambridge, U.K.; Cambridge, Mass.; Toronto, Ontario (4/23/04). An international team of academics from the University of Cambridge, Harvard Law School, and the University of Toronto has begun formally monitoring worldwide Internet censorship and surveillance. “The Open Net Initiative represents a new approach to university-based research,”… Read more »

Hacktivista on TVO!

Hacktivista on TVO! Hacktivista is the story of three University of Toronto students who travel with their professor to Guatemala and Chiapas to work with human rights organizations and activists on Internet security and connectivity. The students call themselves “hacktivists” — a new breed of social activists who use technology to fight for privacy and… Read more »

Kandahar Chronicles

Earlier this week the Citizen Lab began hosting a weblog for a relief worker in Kandahar, Aghanistan. This blog will be updated as often as possible by ‘Carlos’ (The writers name has been changed for security reasons) and hopes to give more insight into the day to day life of NGO field workers. Check out… Read more »

Return of the Multimedia

After a fairly lengthy hiatus the multimedia portions of are coming back online. Currently the labcam the snapshot cam (visible to left) and all the static content is back up. We hope to have Prof. D’s cam back up shortly. Bear with us as we stress test our new multimedia server running a freshly… Read more »

Citizen Lab in article on WSD

A little report by Neil Hrab from on some of the jusifications for WSD and a review of some of this year’s action in Toronto. For his part, Ronald Deibert hopes WSD will provoke people to “think about the consequences” of the “anti-terrorist legislation passed all over the industrialized world” in the wake of… Read more »

Ottawa Citizen and the Citizen Lab

(From the Ottawa Citizen, December 5, 2002) A Time to Turn Tables on Security Cameras Ronald Deibert, a University of Toronto associate professor of political science, wants people to grab their cameras and hit the shopping malls Dec. 24 and participate in World Sousveillance Day. In case you didn’t know, surveillance means “to view from… Read more »