Citizen Lab's latest news and announcements.

ONI Asia Press Conference

ONI Asia will hold a live press conference at 10.00 MST (UTC+8) and release reports on Internet censorship in China and across Asia. Watch the conference here

The Summer of Psi Begins!

On May 1st, the revolution began. Psiphon Inc. was officially announced. Our development team is working feverishly to code up the impending release of Psiphon 2.0. Parallel to their efforts is the Summer of Psi project. Inspired by Google’s Summer of Code, this year, Psi-Lab will organize the “Summer of Psi”, which aims to establish… Read more »

Psiphon Launch — the Revolution has Begun!

Last night in Toronto, at the new Psiphon digs, we held our public launch of Psiphon Inc — the first company to be spun out of the Citizen Lab. Although Psiphon is spinning out, its relationship with the Citizen Lab is stronger than ever. We have developed a strategic partnership with Psiphon around Psi-LAB —… Read more »

CNN covers GhostNet investigation

CNN’s John Vause reports on the extensive cyber hacking network which began with an attack on the Dalia Lama’s office.

CBC reports on GhostNet

The CBC reported on the latest GhostNet report and the cyber espionage network uncovered by the Citizen Lab.