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US Military in Wi-FI spectrum battle

The U.S. Department of Defense has played the antiterrorist and rogue-state card in its attempts to restrict the use of wireless LANs, including those already operating in the lower portion of the 5-GHz band, according to engineers and analysts From Computerworld

US Military Spams Iraqi Leaders (CNN)

Thousands of e-mail messages have been sent out since Thursday, a military source told CNN. The official says “this is just the beginning of a psychological warfare campaign” to convince the Iraqi leadership they cannot win a war against the United States and its allies. From CNN Also go HERE

China blocks bloggers

Blogistan, 2000[GMT] 10 January, 2003. “Bloggers” from all over China are reporting that they are unable to access their on-line journals or “blogs”.

Activists chide U.S. computer recycling (Globe and Mail)

U.S. technology companies lag foreign rivals in reducing hazardous materials in electronics and encouraging recycling, while American workers involved in recycling are exposed to too many toxins, an advocacy group says, from the Globe and Mail.

Hacking Hollywood (Economist)

A brief overview of digital intellectual property battles, including an overview of some recent court cases in the area, from the Economist

Cryptome Log Subpoenae

One of the better websites on internet security and cryptography issues was asked to hand over its logs. But its administrator deletes them daily. Go HERE for more.

Congress to Take on Spam, Copyright, CNET news

Now that the 108th Congress has begun this week, some of those controversial proposals dealing with spam, copyright and Internet taxes will resurface–and some stand a better chance of becoming law. From CNET