Old News


Intrernet Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks (Canadian Press)

Story number 186,543 that says more or less the same thing quoting the same cast of “experts.” And we’re still waiting. I wish someone with some credible expertise would weigh in on the prospects here of something real actually happening.

Year in Privacy: Citizens Lose

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Ben Franklin. Lauren Weinstein comments in Wired on the state of priviacy in 2002

A Peek into Internet "Peering" (Washington Post)

The Internet, as the name suggests but users often forget, is a system of interconnecting networks. Data pass between users by moving from one telecommunications network to another until they reach their destination.

Gazette: Orwell's prophecies ring true

Orwell’s prophecies ring true 1984 came and went without producing the brutal Big Brother dictatorship the novel predicted, but perhaps that’s just because we’ve found subtler ways to crush the human spirit and enforce conformity