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Free speech win for Canadians

A US Federal judge has ruled against a law that punished inmates in Arizona if information about their cases appeared on the Internet after the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty challenged the law in court. Corrections officials searched the Internet for information about prisoners and threatened them with legal penalties if the content was… Read more »

Canada opposes Missile Defence System, Globe and Mail

Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham “draws the big red line” at the weaponization of space. One wonders how long this type of principled opposition could be sustained in the face of US pressure? If Denmark rejects the placement of missile bases in Greenland territory, the pressure on Canada will increase enormously. (Although it’s unlikely the… Read more »

More on the White House's Internet Monitoring Scheme

It appears that the White House, and Cyberspace advisor Richard Clarke, are attempting to contain the reaction to their proposed Internet monitoring center. They claim that the center will not be used to monitor the contents of email.

Local Police Surveillance Abuses

“After the police decided to share the fruits of their surveillance with another local department, someone leaked a printout to an activist for social justice, who made the documents public. The mayor started an investigation. People lined up to obtain their files. Among those the police spied on were nuns, advocates for American Indians and… Read more »

Bush Administration's Plans to Monitor the Internet

An official with a major data services company who has been briefed on several aspects of the government’s plans said it was hard to see how such capabilities could be provided to government without the potential for real-time monitoring, even of individuals. “Part of monitoring the Internet and doing real-time analysis is to be able… Read more »