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Shutter Controls over Commercial Satellite Imagery

From John Pike’s very informative Global Security site, this Washington Post item explores some of the ways in which the US will exercize “shutter control” over commercial satellite imagery in any upcoming war on Iraq. Pike’s site is a great source of information on space policy.

Activist TV Online!

All six episodes of Activist TV are now available online here in streaming real player format. These 28 minute episodes follow last year’s Citizen Labbers as they try and create awareness for Neglected diseases.

Find a Gun, See America

Find a gun, see America Students hit road in search of the U.S. By MIKE STROBEL — Toronto Sun Pile five college kids into an RV and send them off to find America and they will tell you about … Guns, Guns, Guns. As the Guess Who used to say.

WSD (World {Sousveillance, Subjectrights} Day)

Destruction of privacy and dignity by unaccountable organizations to become a target of ordinary citizens. An international coalition that includes artists, scientists, engineers, scholars, and others is declaring December 24, to be “World Sousveillance Day”, or “World Subjectrights Day”. At noon on Tuesday, December 24, 2002, ordinary people all over the world will call into… Read more »

Actvist TV and Into America on TVO

Both the Activist TV and the Into America documentaries produced by the Citizen Lab are airing on TVO at 3pm on Wednesdays. Activist TV will air from now until the 18th of December. Into America will air on Wednesdays in January from the 8th to the 29th. Just in case thats not enough for you,… Read more »