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Nations move to filter, censor access to internet

The unbridled freedom that once characterized the Internet is gradually being reined in by states — democratic and authoritarian alike–as cyberspace is increasingly viewed as a strategic, geopolitical frontier, according to the Canadian co-author of a new international report. From National Post

Ethiopia blocks opposition Web sites – watchdog

ADDIS ABABA, May 1 (Reuters) – An Internet watchdog on Tuesday accused Ethiopia of blocking scores of anti-government Web sites and millions of Weblogs in one of sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest cases of cyber-censorship. From Reuters

UK keeps global net censorship ticking over

Far from being a haven for civil liberties and free speech, it seems the web is now prey to increasing monitoring and restrictions, according to a global study into internet censorship released today. And while countries with poor human rights records, such as Zimbabwe and Burma, are already well known for their internet censorship, the… Read more »