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Unzipping the World Summit on the Information Society

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) has already attracted the attention of the critical media community. Here, Alan Toner of Autonomedia and New York’s Information Law Institute examines what’s at stake at the Summit and how its agenda reflects changes in the post-industrial location of power, describing some working strategies for intervention in… Read more »

Vietnam Court Cuts Internet Dissident's Jail Term

A Vietnamese appeals court on Tuesday halved a heavy jail sentence passed on a doctor convicted of espionage after he posted an essay on democracy on the Internet and used the Web to contact people at home and abroad. From Reuters

Will U.N. agency become an agent of censorship?

If you are outraged by the fact that Libya has been elected president of the U.N. Human Rights Commission, get this: Cuba and Iran — among the world’s worst dictatorships — are playing a major role in drafting new U.N.-backed rules on the worldwide use of the Internet. From Star-Telegram

Poverty an Impediment to Internet Growth

The Inter Press News Agency surveys African newspaper editors about Internet access in Africa, where the largest impediment to ICT growth continues to be the continent’s rampant poverty. From IPS News

MEDIA-INDONESIA: Revolution Underway in People's Radio

The hundreds of community-owned radio stations beaming local music and people’s voices across the huge Indonesian archipelago today reflect a sea change from the Suharto years, when a handful of the former president’s business cronies dominated local media. From IPS News

Iran Is Trying to Curb Porn and Politics on Web

It is sometimes called Iranian porn. Such sites have been officially labeled depraved recently, joining a host of other political, social and truly pornographic online destinations in Iran’s first attempt to restrict Internet access. From NY Times

Is Activism Dead?

Protests as we know them seem to have lost their urgency. But guess where it’s gaining steam Street marches may be the peace movement’s equivalent of heavy armor and lots of infantry—which has been supplanted by high-tech weaponry that supposedly requires fewer troops. Maybe rather than taking to the public square, protestors should have taken… Read more »

China Jails Web Dissidents

China Jails Web Dissidents From the BBC Beijing is wary of the powers of the internet Four Chinese internet writers have been sentenced to long prison terms for subversion.