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China censors U.S. posts on Internet freedom

“China’s Internet censors have deleted U.S. Embassy posts promoting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech on Internet freedom from microblogs, parrying U.S. efforts to spur debate about Beijing’s grip on free speech.

Clinton said on Tuesday that China faces a “dictator’s dilemma” on Internet censorship, and that the government risks being outrun by online opinion.

It is unclear whether their removal was ordered by the government or censored by the companies that host the Embassy’s microblogs, and Tencent Holdings.”

From Reuters Africa

China’s Twitter Clones

The popularity of Twitter has produced a number of clones in China, just as there are Facebook clones. Some of China’s Twitter clones have been closed down by the Chinese government, but some have survived. We take a look at both cases in this post. We also assess Twitter’s chances of success in China, should it ever be freed from the ‘Great Firewall of China.’

From The New York Times


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