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A political artist on trial

What Kurtz’s attorney calls “this colossal overreaction” began on the evening of May 10, 2004, when the 46-year-old Kurtz crawled into bed alongside his wife, Hope, in their home in the city’s Allentown district. A few hours later he awoke to find his wife of 25 years dead. A few hours after that he was… Read more »

Hacktivism at the Republican National Convention

Hacktivists have launched a campaign of electronic civil disobedience to coincide with the demonstrations against the Republican National Convention. Joining millions of protesters who took to the streets of New York to say no to the Bush agenda, hacktivists have taken to the net to explore a new medium of protest: the internet. Various tactics… Read more »

Hacktivists Log On

As protesters in New York paint signs and map out marching routes for next week’s Republican National Convention, on the other side of the country another kind of protester is working stealthily by the glow of a computer screen. Aided by a young radical computer hacker calling himself CrimethInc, a group of politically active “hacktivists”… Read more »

Citizen Lab Proxy

In an attempt to block a single Yahoo Group, the Indian Government has blocked the entire domain. This renders thousands of groups innaccessible to India-based Internet users. A proxy has been set up to allow Indian Internet users to freely browse through

Hackers cut off SCO Web site

This weekend, a denial-of-service attack took down the Web site of The SCO Group, which is caught in an increasingly acrimonious row with the open-source community over the company’s legal campaign against Linux. SCO’s Web site was largely out of commission until Monday morning, a representative of the Lindon, Utah-based Unix and Linux seller said… Read more »

Minister defends Japanese "Big Brother" idenity database as hackerproof

Japan’s home affairs minister attempted to allay privacy fears surrounding a nationwide computer network holding sensitive information on citizens by challenging hackers to breach its security. The remark came a day before the nationwide computerised system, criticised for ushering a “Big Brother” society in Japan, was due to expand its service. From Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Hacking for Free Speech

The free exchange of information over the Internet has proven to be a threat to the social and political control that repressive governments covet. But rather than ban the Internet (and lose valuable business opportunities), most repressive governments seek to limit their citizens’ access to it instead. To do so, they use specialized computer hardware… Read more »