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Is Activism Dead?

Protests as we know them seem to have lost their urgency. But guess where it’s gaining steam Street marches may be the peace movement’s equivalent of heavy armor and lots of infantry—which has been supplanted by high-tech weaponry that supposedly requires fewer troops. Maybe rather than taking to the public square, protestors should have taken… Read more »

Web Sites Shut Down in Spam Fight

Scores of Web sites were taken off the Internet over the weekend because of new pressures on a commercial Internet service provider to stop unwanted marketing e-mail, or spam, and the companies that use it, from the NY Times

Hackers Condemn Arab Site Hack

Don’t blame hackers for the attacks that recently took down Arab news network Al-Jazeera’s website. Technically the site was hacked. But hackers, who say they abhor breaking into systems for fun or profit — as opposed to malicious crackers and the amateurs known as script kiddies — believe shutting off access to information is distinctly… Read more »

Fear and grokking on the war crimes trail

The money is bad, the hours are horrible and you may become very unpopular. But you get to nail the bad guy – and use your geek skills. That’s Patrick Ball’s life as deputy director of the Science and Human Rights Program at the AAAS. He has spent 12 years designing software that turns information… Read more »

Version 0.5.1 of Freenet to be released

Version 0.5.1 of the software for large-scale peer-to-peer network Freenet will be released 17 March, project founder Ian Clarke tells BoingBoing. [] Here for more.

Is the HESSLA anti-war?

A very interesting discussion of Hacktivismo’s HESSLA license and the prospects of the US military being bound by its restrictions in time of war. See here for more details

The Great Software Debate: Technology and Ideology

The deployment of any technology is by far the most interesting ideological concern but often the one least focused upon. Most software is built to solve a particular problem or to create a new functionality. All technology development is informed by values. However, a technology tool, once developed, can be applied in many ways that… Read more »

Virtual guerillas

That threatening, slippery statement comes from the Web site known as the Cult of the Dead Cow ( The site makes no secret of its devotion to the world of computer hacking, but it also is rumoured to be linked with a virtual guerilla group called the Hong Kong Blondes, a subversive organisation targeting the… Read more »

Web of revolution

The Washington Times reports on uses of the Internet, including the FreeNet Project, to bring about political change in repressive regimes.