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European, German authorities assess implications of iPhone tracking

“Many functions on Apple’s wildly popular iPhone and iPad rely on users’ physical locations to deliver services like real-time maps, and location-based social networking and commercial offerings.

However, unbeknownst to most users, the devices are storing that information in a hidden file, two British researchers announced Wednesday at the Where 2.0 conference in Santa Clara, Calif., 72 kilometers (45 miles) south of San Francisco.

“There is still the question of when Apple gets access to this data, if ever,” Gus Hosein, the deputy director of the London-based advocacy group, Privacy International, told Deutsche Welle. “Apple seriously screwed up here. It’s time we start keeping an eye on what all these smart phone operating systems are doing. I don’t know how, but over the years, location data has suddenly become fair game.””

From Deutsche Welle

iPhone or iSpy? Feds, Lawyers Tackle Mobile Privacy

“If people want to know everything about you, they need look no further than your smartphone. It contains a host of your personal information and leaves a trail of digital footprints everywhere you go.

A proposed class-action lawsuit filed last week alleges that Apple and a handful of app makers are invading user privacy by accessing personal data from customers’ smartphones without permission and sharing it with third-party advertisers.

Concurrently, federal prosecutors in New Jersey are investigating whether several smartphone app makers, including Pandora, are transmitting customer information without proper disclosure.”

From Wired

Apple, Softbank Told to Beef Up iPhone Web Filtering

“It may be Japan’s favorite smartphone, but Apple Inc.’s iPhone isn’t above the law. The Internet access law, that is.

A Japanese government panel said Monday it requested Apple’s Japan unit and its sole official distributor Softbank Corp. to improve the iPhone filtering system to prevent users under 18 year old to access unseemly sites.”

From The Wall Street Journal

Japan wants to censor the Apple iPhone

“According to a report in the Japanese Daily Mainichi, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has slammed Jobs’ Mob and SoftBank Mobile, for offering “insufficient” content control for minors.

Apparently, the Land of the Rising Sun has strict legal rules for mobile Internet usage by minors and even Apple sails close to the wind over what a kiddie is allowed to see.

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is writing a stiff letter to Apple to devise and install content filtering software on the iPhone as soon as possible.

Mainichi said that this content filtering software will restrict the minors from accessing any ‘harmful’ content on the mobile web, not even accidentally.”

From TechEYE