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Bluecoat’s role in Syrian censorship and nationwide monitoring system #OpSyria

Source: Reflets

Today, thanks to our friends from Telecomix and to the support of other hacktivists more or less affiliated with Anonymous, we are able to release new elements on BlueCoat’s implication in the setting up of Syrian censorship and repression. We’ve studied how Syrian censorship works more closely. We suspect they use two different technologies. The first one is rather simple and reasonably efficient (but can also be easily bypassed): a filtering proxy.

U.S. companies helping censor the Arab web

Source: The Atlantic

While the U.S. State Department spends millions of dollars helping people in the Middle East circumvent Web censorship, a handful of California companies are providing autocratic Middle East regimes with the technology to censor the Web, reports The Wall Street Journal.

U.S. Products Help Block Mideast Web .

“As Middle East regimes try to stifle dissent by censoring the Internet, the U.S. faces an uncomfortable reality: American companies provide much of the technology used to block websites.

Web-blocking companies declined to name their Middle Eastern customers, but The Wall Street Journal identified a number of them through interviews with ISPs, a reseller and former employees. In addition, OpenNet Initiative, made up of Harvard and University of Toronto researchers who study Internet filtering, identified three ISPs in Yemen, Qatar and the UAE that were using Netsweeper in January. ISPs provide Internet access to households and companies.”

From The Wall Street Journal

When US-made ‘censorware’ ends up in iron fists

During Burma’s short-lived uprising late last month, young dissidents risked their lives to smuggle news of their peaceful protest to the outside world. They may have been up against Internet censorship software designed in America, if a connection found to exist in 2005 still holds. From TheChristianScienceMonitor

U.S. technology has been used to block, censor Net for years

If you think there’s something new or unique about Google censoring its Chinese website or Websense helping Yemen filter the Net — well, I hate to disappoint you. To varying degrees, U.S. tech companies help repressive regimes around the world sift, block and censor the Net. They’ve been doing it for years. From USA Today