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China Jails Web Dissidents

China Jails Web Dissidents From the BBC Beijing is wary of the powers of the internet Four Chinese internet writers have been sentenced to long prison terms for subversion.

Iran steps up net censorship

Iran has tightened controls on the internet, ordering thousands of political and pornographic websites to be blocked. The Iranian press said a list of 15,000 sites had been drawn up by the government and sent to internet service providers. From BBC

Revolution by e-mail? Tyrants aren't quivering

Has the little block of thermoplastic and silicon rendered irrelevant and impotent the large hunk of concrete? Has the stateless on-line realm given the people a direct detour around the dictator, the closed state, the walled community? Has the Internet, as many people predicted, become a force of democratic revolution? From The Globe and Mail

Kazakhstan restricts access to news and politics websites

Kazakhstan apparently has restricted access to numerous Internet sites in an attempt to stifle dissent against the ruling regime. Kazakhstani authorities are imposing these blocking restrictions on all customers of the country’s sole Internet service provider (ISP), Kazakhtelecom. From cascfen.org

Judiciary drafts bill to probe into Internet offenses

Iran’s judiciary is drawing up a bill to probe into Internet offenses… The move is part of the Islamic Republic’s plans to regulate Internet use and clamp down on cyber-acquaintances and solicitations as well as exposure to offensive material. According to the daily, Massoud Davari-Nejad said that the telecommunications company was in negotiations to buy… Read more »

Shanghai tightens control on Internet information, SMS to be restricted

The Shanghai Coordination Team of Ratification on Harmful Internet Information, in a circular obtained by Interfax, reiterated the prohibition of the creation and broadcasting of harmful or untrue information via the Internet. The circular also warned of severe punishment on any violations of the rules, under which, the worse offenders will jailed. From Interfax