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Rules, What Rules? Ask Internet Cafe Owners

New anti-terror laws requiring Saudi Internet cafes to adhere strictly to rules for monitoring those who use the Net have been met with puzzlement from the owners of cafes across the Kingdom. From Arab News

Iran Cracks Down on Banned Web Sites

Iran is blocking access to Web sites containing pornographic material and opposition-driven dissent against the country’s Islamic establishment, an official said Tuesday. More than 140 Web sites promoting dissent, dancing and sex have been blocked since the crackdown began last month, said Farhad Sepahram, an official at the Telecommunications Ministry. From Associated Press

Iran Is Trying to Curb Porn and Politics on Web

It is sometimes called Iranian porn. Such sites have been officially labeled depraved recently, joining a host of other political, social and truly pornographic online destinations in Iran’s first attempt to restrict Internet access. From NY Times

A World Map to Outwit Web Censors

IN recent years, Internet censorship has been an increasing focus of scholarly research. At Harvard, the Berkman Center for Internet and Society has identified Web sites – some surprisingly tame – blocked by the governments of Saudi Arabia and China. At the University of Toronto, the Citizen Lab has developed a tool that will enable… Read more »

Chinese Work Around Net Blocking

State censorship of the Net and the draconian prison sentences handed down to alleged cyber dissidents might capture the imagination outside China, but the vast majority of surfers inside the country worry about more mundane matters. Like whether they can access Google. From Wired

China Jails Web Dissidents

China Jails Web Dissidents From the BBC Beijing is wary of the powers of the internet Four Chinese internet writers have been sentenced to long prison terms for subversion.