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Software rams great firewall of China

The news and propaganda wing behind the U.S. government’s Voice of America broadcasts has commissioned software that lets Chinese Web surfers sneak around the boundaries set by their regime. From CNET

Kazakhstan clamping down on critical websites

Kazakhstan is pulling the plug on Internet websites critical of the country’s authoritarian government, the Paris-based media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) warned on Tuesday. From star-techcentral.com

Report criticizes Google's porn filters

Children using Google’s SafeSearch feature, designed to filter out links to Web sites with adult content, may be shielded from far more than their parents ever intended. From news.com

Reporters Flout Cuban Censorship

The recent government crackdown on journalists and others highlights a growing phenomenon in Cuba: the proliferation of dissident writing on the Web, from WIRED

China gags SARS talk in Internet chatrooms

As rumors swirled around China over the outbreak of atypical pneumonia, Internet chatrooms face the same gag orders on the spread of the disease as the state-run media, Web site managers say. From The News & Observer

Internet Usage Up, but Controversial Websites Blocked

Last week, Uzbekistan announced that the number of people in the country who could access the Internet during 2002 had reached 275,000, double the number who could log on in 2001. That news was accompanied by reports that several websites posting antigovernment articles had been blocked in Uzbekistan, but not before the stories were widely… Read more »

Trespassing or Free Speech?

The California Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in an appeal to determine whether an ex-Intel employee’s barrage of e-mails to his former colleagues constitutes illegal trespassing on the company’s computer system. From Wired

China Seeks to Build Boundary on Internet

With governmental guidance and technological support, China is trying to erect a national boundary to reign in the Internet, which has long been considered a cyber territory with no demarcation line between countries… China has established a special cyber police force to intensify real-time monitoring, to intercept and delete harmful information and to capture and… Read more »

An inside look at China's censorship

China’s propaganda machine has been tireless in attempting to block “subversive” or “obscene” information entering China via the Internet. To this end, the government has set up its Internet infrastructure so that all data to enter the country from abroad must pass through eight central servers which filter out content with certain keywords. From Taipei… Read more »