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Tunisian internet crackdown

The Tunisian Government is believed to censor the internet more tightly than any other country in the world, with the possible exception of China. ….and theye’re hosting the second WSIS meeting as well. Go figure! from the BBC

China jails Web activist

An Internet activist has been jailed for seven years in China, for subverting state power and using the Web to slander high-ranking officials and spread reactionary statements. From Internet Magazine via hacktivismo

Finnish businesses fight internet censorship

A coalition of Finnish telecom and media companies are leading the fight against proposed government legislation which they say will stifle freedom of expression on the internet. From www.europemedia.net

Science editors urge self-censorship over terror threats

Editors of top science magazines have voiced concern terrorists could use studies they publish to help make chemical or biological weapons. Because of this fear a statement has been signed by editors of leading science publications urging cautious self-censorship. From ABC

In Pakistan, surfers worry anti-terror law may dull Web experience

In Pakistan, surfers worry anti-terror law may dull Web experience Copyright © 2003 AP Online By MARTIN FACKLER, Associated Press ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (August 5, 2002 6:23 a.m. EDT) – In the basement of a crumbling shopping mall on the capital’s southern edge, past the hand-painted signs and through a dark hallway, Umar sat in a… Read more »

A Web Site in India That Revealed Graft Becomes a Target (NY Times)

There are defamation cases pending against the editors and reporters, income tax investigations, Official Secrets Act cases, and more. Their offices have been searched, their accountants kept busy. One editor, Aniruddha Bahal, sold a novel, “Bunker 13,” to Farrar, Straus & Giroux and the British publishing house Faber & Faber, and was promptly accused by… Read more »

Dark days for Asian journalism

Globalization pressures and the war against terrorism have brought an abrupt end to the new information age that accompanied the democratic revival of 1997-98 in much of Asia. From Japan Today

Pakistan, like China, is blocking "undesirable" websites

Pak. move to block `undesirable’ websites By B. Muralidhar Reddy ISLAMABAD JAN. 28. `Internet policing’ has been introduced in Pakistan in the name of blocking “pornographic material” or other “blasphemous information”. Here, here, and here.