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China’s Internet Censorship Backfires

Internet censorship in China has led to another bizarre outcome in Guangdong Province—a local network service provider has treated terms such as “communist party” and “socialism” as sensitive key words and filtered them out. Many articles containing these terms could not be accessed. From EpochTimes

Olympics: Radio Free Asia protests at media bar

A radio station banned by the Chinese authorities has filed a formal complaint with the International Olympic Committee after the Beijing organising committee (Bocog) failed to issue one of its correspondents with media accreditation. From

Chaos aims to crack China's wall

Access to the wider internet is a problem for journalists at the Beijing Olympics – and for the Chinese people. But there is an initiative to bypass the barriers. From

Internet Firms Create China Code of Conduct

Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc., in negotiations with other Internet companies and human-rights groups, reached an agreement on a voluntary code of conduct for activities in China and other restrictive countries. From WSJ

Dick Pound slams IOC over internet censorship

Dick Pound, the former anti-doping chief, has criticised the International Olympics Committee (IOC) for allowing the Chinese authorities to censor internet sites, claiming it had done considerable damage to the organisation. From

Olympics visitors encouraged to encrypt hard drives

If you are attending the Olympics in China starting the end of this week, then Phil Dunkelberger, chief executive of PGP Corp. has some advice for you. If you are taking any kind of hardware with you, be it a laptop or smart phone, he is urging you to encrypt the data on your devices,… Read more »