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Bypassing China’s net firewall

Numerous efforts are under way in the West to help Chinese web users get around China’s censorship of the internet, reports technology correspondent Clark Boyd. — including the Citizen Lab’s circumvention software Psiphon. From BBC

Circumvention Technology

More than 79 million Chinese are now connected to the Internet. But the Chinese government routinely blocks websites it doesn’t like. But some Chinese webusers won’t be deterred. They’re surfing past Beijing censors with help from the outside. Citizen Lab member Nart Villeneuve is interviewed on BBC about the circumvention technology we’re currently developing: Psiphon…. Read more »

Citizen Lab featured in Computer World

Nart, Michelle and Graeme, members of the Citizen Lab are featured in the week’s edition of Computer World. The cover story and article details some of the lab’s projects as well as the trip featured in the Hacktivista documentary. You can read the whole article here in pdf.

Banned Yahoo groups tweak in through proxy servers

Websites that have hosted proxy servers that ‘‘virtually’’ take the wind out of the Yahoo groups ban include one by Citizen Lab, an interdisciplinary laboratory based at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada, focusing on advanced research and development at the intersection of digital media and world civic politics…. Read more »

Reality TV with a Brain

Nice little profile of the documentaries produced by the Citizen Lab, and the use of new media in Pol 108, from University Affairs in PDF.

OpenNet on has a small feature on the OpenNet Initiative. Check it out here:

Prof D. on the Radio

Prof. Deibert was interviewed by a Danish radio show “Harddisk” about the Citizen Lab and about Internet censorship and surveillance, citizen activism. Check it out here in real player format.