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War on Electronic Privacy

Attendees of Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference fight for high tech civil liberties from the San Fran Chronicle

Does the End Justify the Means?

If your site contains material critical of certain governments or you run a porn site, someone, somewhere is blocking access to your content. Now you can find out who’s doing it, but the method — port-scanning technology — may itself be unethical. From Wired

Hacktivism on campus

Want to learn about hacktivism from a “heroin addict teaching Fuck the State”? East Van Rules! From The Independent

Changing the world with computers

Ryerson’s student news paper takes a look at hacktivism and the Citizen Lab and “investigates how activists are fighting to keep the Internet free for all”. From The Eye Opener

ProfD on CBC Radio

Prof. Ron Deibert discusses challenges facing the Internet including anti-terrorism legislation, surveillance and Internet censorship worldwide in an interview on CBC Radio’s “Cross Country Check-Up”. Click here to listen to the interview (requires Real Player)

ProfD in the Globe and Mail

There was once a time, not that long ago, when pundits could claim that the Internet was a lawless frontier immune to regulation and control by governments and states. Libertarian by nature, open in its architecture, the Internet encouraged democracy, freedom, and liberty around the world. Attempts by oppressive regimes to block information were futile…. Read more »

Citizen Lab in article on WSD

A little report by Neil Hrab from on some of the jusifications for WSD and a review of some of this year’s action in Toronto. For his part, Ronald Deibert hopes WSD will provoke people to “think about the consequences” of the “anti-terrorist legislation passed all over the industrialized world” in the wake of… Read more »

Ottawa Citizen and the Citizen Lab

(From the Ottawa Citizen, December 5, 2002) A Time to Turn Tables on Security Cameras Ronald Deibert, a University of Toronto associate professor of political science, wants people to grab their cameras and hit the shopping malls Dec. 24 and participate in World Sousveillance Day. In case you didn’t know, surveillance means “to view from… Read more »