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Can computers save the world?

It will be people, rather than computers and the internet, that will make a difference in the developing world, argues BBC technology analyst Bill Thompson. From BBC News

MEDIA-INDONESIA: Revolution Underway in People's Radio

The hundreds of community-owned radio stations beaming local music and people’s voices across the huge Indonesian archipelago today reflect a sea change from the Suharto years, when a handful of the former president’s business cronies dominated local media. From IPS News

MIT to Provide Google-Type Gov't Site

Its creators hope it will become a Google of government, a massive Internet clearinghouse of information to help citizens track their leaders as effectively as their leaders track them. On Friday, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab plans to debut a Web site called “Government Information Awareness,” that aspires to be far more than just… Read more »

The Revolution Will Be Wireless, Experts Say

While rich nations of the world continue to reap hefty profits from the use of wireless internet, most poor countries remain shut out from this phenomenal technology, say U.N. officials, policy makers and information technology experts. From IPS News

Cyber-Dissidents Should be Freed

Journalists, webmasters, and students who have been jailed by their governments for simply expressing their views via the Internet should be freed immediately, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch is marking World Press Freedom Day, Saturday, May 3, by launching an online campaign to profile Internet dissidents, and to encourage the international community… Read more »

Civil Society Needs to Re-Define WSIS Agenda

Civil society should shift the discussion at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) away from identifying the digital divide as a technological problem to an understanding that the divide is merely a symptom of some of the bigger socio-economic issues, NGO activists said in a discussion recently organised by the Digital Freedom Network

Award for child soldiers site

The site was set up by International Education and Resource Network (iEarn) non-profit group in Sierra Leone, together with its sister body in Canada, from the BBC

Internet Opens Window on Relief Efforts

International and non-governmental relief organizations are using the Internet to call for donations from private citizens, mobilize public support for bigger aid budgets and to highlight specific humanitarian needs for delivering badly needed food, medical and other assistance to the people of Iraq. from: Washington Post

Smart-Mobbing the War

Eli Pariser, 22, tall, bearded, spends long hours every day at his desk hunched over a laptop, plotting strategy and directing the electronic traffic of an instantaneous movement that was partly assembled in his computer. During the past three months it has gathered the numbers that took three years to build during Vietnam. It may… Read more »

Virtual March on Washington

On February 26th, you can join a massive march on Washington without leaving your living room. The Virtual March on Washington is a first-of-its-kind campaign from the Win Without War coalition. Working together, we will direct a steady stream of phone calls — about one per minute, all day — to every Senate office in… Read more »