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Today marks the launching of, a new website that uses the power of internet gambling to raise money for civilian casualties of a US-led war against Iraq. The premise of the game is simple: visitors to place $5.00 bets on when the war will begin. See

How Protesters Mobilized So Many and So Nimbly

…But the Internet has become more than a mere organizing tool; it has changed protests in a more fundamental way, by allowing mobilization to emerge from free-wheeling amorphous groups, rather than top-down hierarchical ones. From Jennifer 8 Lee at the NY Times

Creating systems to help with relief (SF Gate)

Lynn Fritz spent 35 years building a tiny San Francisco shipping firm into a behemoth of global trade, with 10,000 employees in 120 countries focused on moving widgets by land, sea and air. Old habits must die hard. Because when this 60-year-old San Franciscan sold the Fritz Cos. to UPS in 2001, he started a… Read more »