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Malaysian cyber-paper at vanguard of media revolution

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) — A Malaysian newspaper that exists only in cyberspace has inspired a torrent of online debate since its launch a decade ago, in a phenomenon that has shaken up the nation’s media and political scene. From AFP

Anti Internet filtering rebels hit the streets

Opponents to the government’s Internet content filtering scheme will take to the streets in a series of protests planned in Australia’s capital cities. The protests, organised by members from activist groups including the Electronic Freedom Project and Digital Liberty Coalition, will be held at Sydney’s Town Hall, Brisbane Square, Melbourne’s State Library, Adelaide Parliament House,… Read more »

Reporters’ guide to China Olympics published

A pocket guide has been released for reporters traveling to China to cover the Beijing Olympics. The “Reporters’ Guide to Covering the Beijing Olympics” addresses how to report in a largely closed country with particular attention to the hazards facing Chinese sources and news assistants. From ICFJ

Google, UN unveil refugee map project

Internet search giant Google Inc. unveiled a new feature Tuesday for its popular mapping programs that shines a spotlight on the movement of refugees around the world. From TheGlobeandMail

No Surrender

A 20-year-old activist and blogger jailed for a peaceful protest in Bishkek says the government’s actions only empowered him. From Transitions Online

Egypt's YouTube Democrats

Despite adversity, oppression, and with lessened support from the US government, Arab Middle East democracy supporters have gone online to voice concern. WashingtonPost

Swivelchair activism

While students today are less active in protests and demonstrations, there has been a growing trend for online activism. Services like Facebook allow people to organize, connect and inform each other at unprecedented rates and with massive implications. From Guardian

General You are Tubed!

There was a time when it used to take a war or a catastrophe to bring a leader to fame and recognition, or contempt and disgrace. Now, fame and disgrace lay only a blog or YouTube away. From PakTribune

Access Denied Map: Mapping Web 2.0 Censorship

In an effort to catalogue recent developments in “Web 2.0” (multimedia sharing) censorship, a Global Voices Online user has created an “Access Denied Map” with worldwide links to information on countries that practice “Web 2.0” censorship and the local campaigns fighting for free access. See the Global Voices Online post HERE