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WHOIS stays as is for now

A committee of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) , the organization that manages the Internet domain name system, has decided to leave the WHOIS database as it is, at least for now. From ComputerWorld

The Internet In Burma Protests

What began as protests over rising fuel prices has become an international effort by citizen journalists to disseminate information about the protests in Burma. While the internet blackout in Burma has caused delays in the dissemination of information, it has not prevented activists from communicating the events unfolding in the region.

Bloggers go armed with mobile phones

Young student bloggers are risking years in prison by breaking the junta’s stringent internet controls to post descriptions and photos of the biggest anti-government protests in 20 years. From

Protest bloggers ordered to come out of the shadows

Anonymous online postings are to be banned by a city in China, after residents mounted a successful internet campaign against proposals for a huge chemicals factory. Internet users will have to provide their real names, backed up by data from their identity cards, when posting messages on more than 100,000 websites registered in Xiamen. Authorities… Read more »

'Citizen journalism' battles the Chinese censors

In the strictly controlled media world of communist China, “citizen journalism” is beating a way through censorship, breaking taboos and offering a pressure valve for social tensions. In one striking example this month, the Internet was largely responsible for breaking open a slave scandal in two Chinese provinces that some local authorities had been complicit… Read more »

Indian social activists leverage free software

Indian voluntary groups are being offered solutions in free software – with training and support thrown in – to give them options to using illegally copied software for their work and campaigns. From India eNews