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From the trenches

The Citizen Lab’s Tim Smith has returned to his homeland and is blogging his experiences at the RNC protests in New York City. There is also additional converage from NYC Indymedia. You can also watch the protest from NYC’s traffic cams. And, of course, there’s always C-Span.

New Online Journal for Global Democracy: PlaNetwork Journal

PlaNetwork Journal is a new quarterly online publication for in-depth articles by those engaged in this cross-disciplinary approach, applying new technology to benefit the public interest. It is a place where researchers, independent scholars, software designers, artists, and activists can present their work and ideas to those outside their own field who share their concern… Read more »

Media Sustainability Index 2003

In the newly released Media Sustainability Index (MSI) 2003, IREX documents dramatic improvement for the media environments in the countries of Southeast Europe during the last year. In Central Asia, however, independent media continued to face serious obstacles to development. The study also shows the Caucasus region has witnessed gradual progress while, on average, independent… Read more »

The use of the Internet for political action by non-state dissident actors in the Middle East

This paper examines how non-state dissident actors in the Middle East use the Internet for political action in the face of state-imposed constraints on Internet access. Non-state dissident actors have revisionist goals and the Internet offers certain advantages for accomplishing these political objectives. States seek to limit the effectiveness of these dissident objectives and can… Read more »

Security expert proposes hackers' union

A proposal to create an association to represent the interests of hackers and vulnerability researchers is gaining support, a security expert said Wednesday. The group, which would be geared toward researchers and not software vendors, would provide guidelines on vulnerability disclosures and would lobby against legislation that could stifle security researchers’ ability to tinker with… Read more »

Will the internet transform the unions?

new research suggests that the internet may have the potential to transform the way unions function, with wide-ranging implications for labour relations. Professor Richard Freeman, who studies labour markets at Harvard and the London School of Economics, argues that the biggest effort of the internet will be to allow unions to organise the workforce more… Read more »

In Asia, the Web is routing power to the people

Digital prophets have long extolled the democratizing power of the Internet and the technology’s potential impact on the way leaders govern. Throughout Asia that potential is becoming reality as notions of governance expand beyond the political authorities governing sovereign states. A vast array of individuals and groups is taking action to force change. From International… Read more »

WSIS: Unions Want Employment Issues on Agenda

Global unions are concerned that organisers of the World Summit on the Information Society due to open in Geneva December have ignored key employment issues. The draft declaration and action plan have failed so far to acknowledge the role the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector plays as employer, says the Swiss-based Union Network International (UNI)…. Read more »