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What We Learned from Anonymous: DDoS is now 3DoS

“If Anonymous has taught us anything it’s that the future of information security is in fending off attacks across the breadth and depth of the network stack – and the data center architecture – at the same time. Traditionally DDoS attacks are so-named because the clients are distributed; that is they take advantage of appearing to come from a variety of locations as a means to prevent detection and easy prevention. It’s about the massive scale of a single type of attack as launched by a single attacker (individual or group). But the WikiLeaks attacks have not just been distributed in the sense that it is a concerted effort by distributed attacks to take out sites, it’s been distributed in the sense that it spans the network stack from layer 2 through layer 7. It’s not just a DDoS, it’s a DDDoS: a Diverse Distributed Denial of Service. A 3DoS.”

From Dev Central

Pro-WikiLeaks Group May Attack U.S. Senate Website Next

“After hitting Paypal, Mastercard, and Visa, pro-WikiLeaks forces may hit the United States Senate website with a denial-of-service attack next.

According to a poll set up by the ad-hoc group, Operation Payback, the Senate could be their next target. It leads voting ahead of Re-attacking Mastercard, Re-attacking Visa, Sarah Palin’s website, and Authorize.net. Out of a total of 1179 votes cast (as of 5:22 pm), 445 of them went to attacking the Senate website.”

From The Atlantic

Cyberattacks Are Retaliation for Pressure on WikiLeaks

“LONDON — A broad campaign of cyberattacks appeared to be under way on Wednesday in support of the beleaguered antisecrecy organization WikiLeaks, which has drawn governmental criticism from around the globe for its release of classified American documents and whose founder, Julian Assange, is being held in Britain on accusations of rape.”

From The New York Times

Round 2: DDoS Versus Wikileaks

“In the second round of what may possibly be a protracted Internet skirmish, a denial of service attack briefly blocked access to the cablegate.wikileaks.org web site this morning around 8:00 am EST. On twitter, Wikileaks pegged the DDoS as exceeding 10 Gbps (significantly larger than my 2-4 Gbps estimate for the first round of attacks on Sunday).”

From Arbor Networks

Wikileaks Cablegate Attack

Yesterday morning, a DDoS attack temporarily disrupted traffic to Wikileaks hours ahead of the “Cablegate” release of leaked US documents. Wikileaks announced the outage on a Facebook update and Twitter post around 11:00am EST while simultaneously derogating the attack and insisting “El Pais, Le Monde, Speigel, Guardian & NYT will publish many US embassy cables tonight, even if WikiLeaks goes down”.

From Arbor Network

Attacks Drive South Korea to Install DDoS Bunkers

“In hopes of combating ongoing distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, South Korea recently erected digital ‘bunkers’ throughout their networks, according to a post on ZDNet’s Australian site.

Created to help smaller businesses too poor to defend themselves, the ‘bunkers’ are providing temporary peace of mind and are expected to be used for about a week. With the ‘bunkers’ intact, attackers continue to target the victim’s original IP address, while the company shifts their operations to a new IP address, alleviating stress.”

From Threat Post

DNS: When Governments Lie

“There’s been sudden interest recently in a Chinese route hijacking incident that occurred way back in April, brought about by a new report to the US Congress that highlighted the event (see pages 236-247). A second Chinese event, also in the report, has received almost no attention despite being much more interesting (technically, anyway). A Chinese DNS censorship incident occurred just one month earlier, in March, and although we already presented an analysis of that event (here and here), today we’ll provide an update on the incident and its scope. But first, let’s step back and get some context on events such as these, and see if the hype is warranted.”

From Renesys

South Korea fights DDoS attacks with digital ‘bunkers’

“South Korea has installed digital ‘bunkers’ to prevent a repeat of the massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that crippled parts of the country last year.

The nation was floored after huge streams of junk Internet data poured across its networks last year, targeting the infrastructure of government and businesses. ‘We were caught off-guard,’ Jinhyun Cho of the Korea Computer Emergency Response Team (KrCERT) told ZDNet Australia. “The whole country knows what a DDoS attack is.’ ”


Burma hit by massive net attack ahead of election

“An ongoing computer attack has knocked Burma off the internet, just days ahead of its first election in 20 years.

The attack started in late October but has grown in the last few days to overwhelm the nation’s link to the net, said security firm Arbor Networks.

Reports from Burma say the disruption is ongoing.

The attack, which is believed to have started on 25 October, comes ahead of closely-watched national elections on 7 November.”

From BBC News