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Researcher Releases Facebook Profile Data

“A security researcher on Wednesday released a file containing the names, profile addresses and unique identification numbers of more than 100 million Facebook users.

The information was corralled via a public directory Facebook makes available that lists users who are sharing at least some of their profile information with everyone on the Internet. It was collected and uploaded by Ron Bowes, a security researcher with Skull Security.”

From The New York Times

100 million Facebook pages leaked on torrent site

“A directory containing personal details about more than 100 million Facebook users has surfaced on an Internet file-sharing site.

The 2.8GB torrent was compiled by hacker Ron Bowes of Skull Security, who created a web crawler program that harvested data on users contained in Facebook’s open access directory, which lists all users who haven’t bothered to change their privacy settings to make their pages unavailable to search engines.

Bowes’ directory contains 171 million entries, relating to more than 100 million individual users – more than one in five of Facebook’s recently trumpeted half billion user base.”

Germany officials launch legal action against Facebook

“German officials have launched legal proceedings against Facebook for accessing and saving the personal data of people who do not use the site.

Facebook could face fines of tens of thousands of euros under privacy laws.

The social networking firm confirmed it had received a letter about the action.

“We consider the saving of data from third parties, in this context, to be against data privacy laws,” said Johannes Caspar, head of Hamburg’s Data Protection Authority.”

From BBC News

Facebook Blocked in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) blocked Facebook on Saturday, May 29, 2010. The block comes after a Bangladeshi youth was arrested following his posting of “satiric images of some politicians.” The Daily Star cites that BTRC’s reasoning behind the block is that Facebook contains links to websites displaying pornography and anti-religious sentiment. The anti-religious content is largely focussed on Prophet Hazrat Mohammad. Defaming of the Prophet is particularly pernicious matter in the eyes of the government. Facebook is the most popular social networking website in Bangladesh. The block is alleged to be temporary.

From The Daily Star

Facebook Glitch Brings New Privacy Worries

On Wednesday, users discovered a glitch that gave them access to supposedly private information in the accounts of their Facebook friends, like chat conversations.

Not long before, Facebook had introduced changes that essentially forced users to choose between making information about their interests available to anyone or removing it altogether.

Although Facebook quickly moved to close the security hole on Wednesday, the breach heightened a feeling among many users that it was becoming hard to trust the service to protect their personal information.

From The New York Times