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EFF Finds Evidence Of Over 40,000 Intelligence Violations By The FBI Since 9/11

“The EFF has, via a series of Freedom of Information Act requests, determined that the FBI may have committed over 40,000 intelligence violations since 9/11, 2001.

On top of that, the research uncovered evidence of the FBI “lying in declarations to courts, using improper evidence to obtain grand jury subpoenas, and accessing password-protected files without a warrant.” ”

From Tech Dirt

Former contractor says FBI put back door in OpenBSD

“IDG News Service – A former government contractor says that the FBI installed a number of back doors into the encryption software used by the OpenBSD operating system.

The allegations were made public Tuesday by Theo de Raadt, the lead developer in the OpenBSD project. DeRaadt posted an e-mail sent by the former contractor, Gregory Perry, so that the matter could be publicly scrutinized.”

From Computer World

FBI access to e-mail and web records raises fears

“Invasion of privacy in the Internet age. Expanding the reach of law enforcement to snoop on e-mail traffic or on Web surfing. Those are among the criticisms being aimed at the FBI as it tries to update a key surveillance law.

The Obama administration’s proposal to change the Electronic Communications Privacy Act ‘raises serious privacy and civil liberties concerns,’ Mr. Leahy said Thursday in a statement.
Although the FBI engaged in widespread and serious misuse of its authority illegally collecting data from Americans and foreigners, it has continued to gather information from telephone companies, banks, credit bureaus and other businesses with personal records about their customers or subscribers — and Internet service providers. Now, the proposed amendment to U.S. surveillance law leaves many guessing on privacy implications for internet users.”

From The Globe and Mail