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Obama needs to address our cyber-warfare gap with China

“In 2008, monks in the Office of the High Dalai Lama had a strange feeling someone was reading their e-mail.

Discretely, the monks started making inquiries with Western security experts. They wound up at the doorstep of Information Warfare Monitor, a group of researchers based at the University of Toronto and led by a political scientist named Ronald J. Deibert.

Named one of Esquire’s “best and the brightest” a year earlier, Deibert was known as a passionate champion of online political freedom. He jumped at the chance to investigate security lapses threatening one of the highest-profile religious leaders on the planet.

Information Warfare Monitor investigators found the Dalai Lama’s network (and, ultimately, those of more than 100 countries) had been infected with malware — malicious software that covertly infiltrates a computer system.”

From The Washington Examiner

Ron Deibert receives Carolyn Tuohy Impact on Public Policy Award

Ron Deibert, Founder and Director of the Citizen Lab has received the University of Toronto’s Carolyn Tuohy Impact on Public Policy Award. The award is presented to a top University of Toronto faculty member who has made a significant impact on national and international public policy. One of the most internatonally prominent works produced by the Citizen Lab is “GhostNet: Investigating Cyber Espionage” , which was released in 2009. GhostNet was followed in 2010 by the highly publicised investigative report entitled “Shadows in the Cloud.” In addition to Ron’s notable achievements in the realm of cyberspace research, his large level of commitment to his students is greatly applauded.

From University of Toronto Political Science Department

Cyberwar and the ‘destruction of rules’

Ron Deibert and Rafal Rohozinski were featured in this Sify News article on cyberwar. The article discusses the Tracking Ghostnet report published by the Citizen Lab. It features an interview from The Christian Science Monitor from which both investigators discuss the recent attacks on Google and the growing frequency of contestion in cyberspace.

From Sify News

Tracking GhostNet: Investigating a Cyber Espionage Network

Researchers at the Information Warfare Monitor uncovered a suspected cyber espionage network of over 1,295 infected hosts in 103 countries. This finding comes at the close of a 10-month investigation of alleged Chinese cyber spying against Tibetan institutions that consisted of fieldwork, technical scouting, and laboratory analysis. Close to 30% of the infected hosts are… Read more »