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CPJ releases Attacks on the Press in 2011 report

Source: CPJ

Blogger Rami Nakhle leaned across the table toward a cluster of U.S. technology leaders. “People are tortured to death because their Facebook account is hacked. You can make a difference between life and death,” he told the Silicon Valley executives and computer engineers representing Facebook, Google, and other companies.

Iran’s deadly cyber police

Source: Violet Blue, ZDNet

Iran’s recent death sentence of a developer and internet traffic throttling are only part of Iran’s wider campaign against bloggers, technology, and the free-flowing information of the internet.

UAE officials disrupt Human Rights Watch meeting

Source: Reuters

Human Rights Watch accused the United Arab Emirates of cracking down on freedom of expression, during a news conference on Wednesday which was disrupted by men who claimed to be UAE officials and demanded the rights group end its presentation.