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El Estado podrá espiar todas las comunicaciones por internet

Podrá monitorear por diez años todos los mails, los chats, comunicaciones y datos de cualquier naturaleza en la Red. Un decreto fija las normas, pero será impugnado en la Justicia; A partir de julio de este año, el Estado podrá espiar las comunicaciones de la gente, ante la presunción de que la tecnología es una… Read more »

Software patents in the European Union soon to be a reality

The European Parliament appears set to introduce U.S.-style software patents, which critics have denounced as too broad and business-friendly. Software patents continue to be one of the most hotly contested legislative initiatives in Europe. On Feb. 28, the European Commission declined the European Parliament’s request to restart the legislative process from scratch. From Wired.

Judge dismisses keylogger case

A federal judge in Los Angeles has dismissed charges against a California man who used a keystroke logger to spy on his employer, ruling that use of such a device does not violate federal wiretap law. From SecurityFocus

Ottawa takes aim at Internet child porn

A flurry of child-protection provisions aimed at the Internet will outlaw advertising of child pornography and the distribution of voyeuristic material, federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler said Friday. Mr. Cotler said that scientists, doctors and even artists will be able to assemble evidence proving a legitimate purpose, but that pedophiles will have great trouble escaping… Read more »

FBI Seizes IMC Servers in the UK

US authorities issued a federal order to Rackspace’s office in the US ordering them to provide Indymedia’s hardware located in London to the requesting agency. Rackspace is one of Indymedia’s web hosting providers with offices in the US and London. Rackspace complied, without first notifying Indymedia, and turned over Indymedia’s server in the UK. This… Read more »

German fined for publishing neo-Nazi web links

Linking to neo-Nazi websites in Germany can cost you dear. The founder of a German online protest forum – – against web censorship was sentenced by the district court in Stuttgart today for linking to two neo-Nazi sites and a bad-taste website hosted in the US. Alvar Freude is not an advocate of neo-Nazi… Read more »

Part of Patriot Act Struck Down

Part of the Patriot Act, a central plank of the Bush administration’s war on terror, was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero ruled in favor of the American Civil Liberties Union, which challenged the power the FBI has to demand confidential records from companies, like internet service providers, as… Read more »

Internet-porn producers face severe punishment

Those who are engaged in the profit-oriented production and dissemination of pornographic materials through the Internet, mobile communication terminals and”phone-sex” services in China are subject to punishment as severe as life imprisonment, according to the latest legal interpretations. From Xinhuanet