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EU imposes record fine on Microsoft, orders changes

European antitrust regulators imposed a record $613 million fine on Microsoft today and ordered the company to change the way it does business in Europe. The penalties came as the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, found that the Redmond-based software giant broke competition laws on the continent, gaining an unfair advantage… Read more »

Myanmar's e-government is a sham

Myanmar has a recent history of bloodshed and one of the worst human rights records in the world. It’s also in the process of developing e-government. The “government” — or militia junta that rules Myanmar by force — is rolling out seven e-government pilot projects. Myanmar is a country where the average citizen doesn’t even… Read more »

Defiant Downloads Rise From Underground

ore than 300 Web sites and blogs staged a 24-hour online protest yesterday over a record company’s efforts to stop them from offering downloadable copies of “The Grey Album.” The protesters billed the event as “Grey Tuesday,” calling it “a day of coordinated civil disobedience,” during which more than 150 sites offered the album for… Read more »

Plan for UN to run internet 'will be shelved'

An attempt by developing countries to put management of the internet under United Nations auspices is likely to be shelved at next month’s world information summit in Geneva – but the issue is now firmly on the international agenda, summit sources say. Poorer nations such as Brazil, India, South Africa, China and Saudi Arabia, as… Read more »

Online Government Not Connecting With Everyone

The increasing shift of government services online has not benefited all sectors of society equally, says a report released by a consortium of e-government watchdog groups here. The poor, those less-educated, people with disabilities and those whose first language is not English are at a disadvantage when government moves its service online, a panel of… Read more »

Civil liberties group raises concerns over AU spam legislation

Civil rights group Electronic Frontiers Australia has claimed legislation introduced into the federal parliament to fight spam will give investigators excessive search and seizure powers. In an analysis of the recent legislation, Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) claimed that search and seizure provisions included in the Spam (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2003 (PDF) enable some government employees… Read more »

Hackers to Face Tougher Sentences

Convicted hackers and virus writers soon will face significantly harsher penalties under new guidelines that dictate how the government punishes computer crimes. Starting in November, federal judges will begin handing out the expanded penalties, which were developed by the U.S. Sentencing Commission. Congress ordered the changes last year, saying that sentences for convicted computer criminals… Read more »

Curtailing online education in the name of homeland security: The USA PATRIOT Act, SEVIS, and international students in the United States

Homeland security laws and regulations enacted since September 2001, including the USA PATRIOT Act, have created serious limitations on the ability of international students studying in the United States to participate in online educational opportunities. This article explores the enrollment limitations in online courses for international students in terms of information policy and concepts of… Read more »