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Judge: Kazaa Can Be Sued in U.S. (CNET)

A Los Angeles federal judge has ruled that record companies and movie studios can proceed with a lawsuit against the parent company of Kazaa–the most popular online file-swapping service–in the United States. From CNET

Cryptome Log Subpoenae

One of the better websites on internet security and cryptography issues was asked to hand over its logs. But its administrator deletes them daily. Go HERE for more.

Anti-terrorism strategies for the Internet

FindLaw‘s ANITA RAMASASTRY analyzes the legal implications of U.S. “anti-terrorism strategies for the Internet” including the Nation Strategy to Secure Cyberspace and the Total Information Awareness project.

NY TIMES Government Openness at Issues as Bush Holds Onto Records

Filed under “law”, but could just as well go under “censorship.” Since 9/11, states have retreated on openness and transparency, particularly with regard to government documents and reports. Entire websites have disappeared under the guise of national security. From the New York Times

Free speech win for Canadians

A US Federal judge has ruled against a law that punished inmates in Arizona if information about their cases appeared on the Internet after the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty challenged the law in court. Corrections officials searched the Internet for information about prisoners and threatened them with legal penalties if the content was… Read more »