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Regime steps up censorship and online disruption to block protests

“The authorities have increased censorship in a bid to prevent yesterday’s anti-government protests, blocking independent or pro-opposition websites and other electronic media. Broadband speed has greatly slowed in major cities as in the run-up to previous anti-regime demonstrations or opposition events.

Mobile phone and text-message traffic has been badly disrupted and the Persian calendar month “bahman” has been added to blocked keywords in an effort to reduce calls for today’s protests (14 February is 25 Bahman).”

From Reporters Without Borders

White House criticizes Iran response to Egypt

“WASHINGTON — The White House says Iran’s government is showing it’s scared of the will of its people by cracking down on opposition leaders and blocking international media outlets in the wake of Egypt’s uprising.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs says the Iranian government should allow its people to demonstrate and assemble peacefully.”

From The Washington Post

Iranian opposition leader under house arrest after protests call

“Iran has put opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi under house arrest after he called for renewed street protests against the government, his son told the Guardian.

The move came after thousands of Iranians sympathetic to the opposition green movement joined social networking websites to promote demonstrations on Monday in solidarity with protesters in Egypt and Tunisia.

Access to the blogging site Wordpresswas blocked and internet download speeds appeared to have been reduced.”

From The Guardian

Iran says Stuxnet claims need investigating

“”The acting head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization said reports of major damage to the Bushehr plant were a malicious campaign by countries hostile to Tehran’s nuclear program, but that they should be looked into in any case.

Many analysts believe Stuxnet was a cyber attack by the United States and Israel aimed at disabling Iran’s nuclear equipment and slowing down a program they believe is aimed at making nuclear weapons, something Tehran denies.”

From Reuters

More news websites blocked in Iran

“Iranians have found their access to major news websites even more restricted than usual as more foreign sites were blocked by a government filter, Reuters witnesses observed on Monday.

Yahoo News and, both usually accessible in Iran, were unavailable, joining other long-blocked news sites such as the BBC and social networks Facebook and Twitter as beyond the reach of Iranians using a standard Internet connection.

There was no official confirmation of new Internet restrictions. One Iranian government official contacted by Reuters said authorities were “looking into the source of the problem” to remove it.”

From The Globe and Mail

Is Iran Now Actually Using Deep Packet Inspection?

“Since January 2010, the Iranian government may have significantly modified its network monitoring infrastructure. The government seems to have moved from somewhat ham-fisted filtering systems (e.g. all encrypted traffic is throttled/blocked) to a granular system (where only certain applications’ encrypted traffic is blocked). In this post I’ll outline my past analyses of the Iranian Internet infrastructure and look at the new data on granular targeting of encrypted application traffic. I’ll conclude by raising some questions that need to be answered about the new surveillance system, and note potential dangers facing Iranian dissidents if DPI has actually been deployed.”

From Technology, Thoughts and Trinkets

Iran’s nuclear setback

“Iran’s nuclear programme is under the spotlight again this week; diplomats from the five permanent members of the UN security council plus Germany are in Istanbul for talks with Saeed Jalili, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator.

Iran is under pressure to prove that its nuclear activities are peaceful. The US has warned of more sanctions if the government does not cooperate.”

From Al Jazeera

Iran’s Cyber Police, Geography, and the Psychological Denial of Service

“National Public Radio reports that Iran is planning on dispatching ‘cyber police’ across the country with General Ahmadi Moghaddam stating that ‘There is no time to wait’ in deploying the Islamic Republic’s latest line of defense against its real and perceived enemies. This isn’t the first time Moghaddam has claimed to be setting up cyber police either. With the Basiji looking to occupy cyberspace as well, Iran’s Internet is starting to look very crowded.”

From Global Voices

Iran seeks to boost corps of web watchers

“DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Iran’s top police chief envisions a new beat for his forces: patrolling cyberspace.

‘There is no time to wait,’ Gen. Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam said last week at the opening of a new police headquarters in the Shiite seminary city of Qom. ‘We will have cyber police all over Iran.’

The first web watchdog squads are planned in Tehran this month — another step in Iran’s rapidly expanding focus on the digital world as cyber warfare and online sleuthing take greater prominence with the Pentagon’s new Cyber Command and the secrets spilled to WikiLeaks.”

From Yahoo! News

Iran: Blocking activity, email interception, and renewed pressure on the Green Movement

“Given Iran’s recent rhetoric against Green Movement leaders as well as its planned 10 day assault against the Green Movement what Tor and others may be seeing is the digital realization of these political statements and actions within the country. In the past, changes to Iran’s filters have been tested on certain ISPs within the country before being implemented nationwide. If the regime is moving towards digitizing its most recent statements and actions, what the Tor Project is seeing now could be localized testing of a planned national rollout.”

From Global Voices