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ONI’s new book, “Access Controlled: The shaping of power, rights and rule in cyberspace,” now advertised on MIT Press

Internet filtering, censorship of Web content, and online surveillance are increasing in scale, scope, and sophistication around the world, in democratic countries as well as in authoritarian states. The first generation of Internet controls consisted largely of building firewalls at key Internet gateways; China’s famous “Great Firewall of China” is one of the first national… Read more »

InfoWar Monitor Website Redesign and ReLaunch

We are pleased to announced that we have re-designed and re-launched the Infowar Monitor website. Stay tuned for more regular blog postings, research outputs, and news postings from the IWM team. Thanks to Nart Villeneuve and Jane Gowan for the fine site redesign.

Media Coverage

Read an interview with Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert on cyber security policies and the GhostNet investigation here

Announcement: the Global Network Initiative Monitor

We are pleased to announce a new project this summer in the Citizen Lab, called the “Global Network Initiative Monitor” or “GNI Monitor” for short. The project’s mission statement can be downloaded here The project will combine technical and contextual research methods to measure compliance of both participants and non-participants to the GNI principles, as… Read more »

Ottawa needs a strategy for cyberwar

Ronald Deibert and Rafal Rohozinski Recently, the Canadian envoy to Iran was called in and admonished by Iranian officials for contributing to the destabilitization of the regime because of support for social networking tools, like Twitter and Facebook. The envoy must have scratched his head in puzzlement. National Post Comment Read more here

ONI Asia Press Conference

ONI Asia will hold a live press conference at 10.00 MST (UTC+8) and release reports on Internet censorship in China and across Asia. Watch the conference here