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The Summer of Psi Begins!

On May 1st, the revolution began. Psiphon Inc. was officially announced. Our development team is working feverishly to code up the impending release of Psiphon 2.0. Parallel to their efforts is the Summer of Psi project. Inspired by Google’s Summer of Code, this year, Psi-Lab will organize the “Summer of Psi”, which aims to establish… Read more »

Psiphon Launch — the Revolution has Begun!

Last night in Toronto, at the new Psiphon digs, we held our public launch of Psiphon Inc — the first company to be spun out of the Citizen Lab. Although Psiphon is spinning out, its relationship with the Citizen Lab is stronger than ever. We have developed a strategic partnership with Psiphon around Psi-LAB —… Read more »

Tracking GhostNet: Investigating a Cyber Espionage Network

Researchers at the Information Warfare Monitor uncovered a suspected cyber espionage network of over 1,295 infected hosts in 103 countries. This finding comes at the close of a 10-month investigation of alleged Chinese cyber spying against Tibetan institutions that consisted of fieldwork, technical scouting, and laboratory analysis. Close to 30% of the infected hosts are… Read more »

Radio Canada International Masala Canada

Prof Deibert recently did a radio interview with Radio Canada International’s “MASALA CANADA with Wojtek Gwiazda.” Wojtek sent us an MP3 of the interview, which can be accessed here. In the interview, Deibert discusses with Gwiazda the Citizen Lab, the OpenNet Initiative, and the ONI Asia project, supported by IDRC Canada. Radio Canada International’s Masala… Read more »

How To Bypass Internet Censorship (NEW!)

This manual ‘Bypassing Internet Censorship’ provides an introduction to the topic and explains some of the software and methods most often used for circumventing censorship. There is some information on avoiding surveillance and other means of detection while bypassing censorship, however this is a large topic by itself so we have only touched on it… Read more »

Breaching Trust

We are pleased to announce our release of a major investigate report, Breaching Trust: An analysis of surveillance and security practices on China’s TOM-Skype platform, written by Nart Villeneuve, Psiphon Fellow, the Citizen Lab, at the Munk Centre for International Studies, the University of Toronto. The full report can be downloaded here:here John Markoff of… Read more »

Announcement: Greg Walton joins Citizen Lab as Senior SecDev Fellow

I am pleased to announce that Greg Walton will be joining the Citizen Lab. Greg Walton is the senior security researcher for ONI Asia, and the first SecDev fellow at the Citizen Lab. He is a graduate of the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford (International Relations and Security Studies), and holds an MSc… Read more »